Motivation Transforms Sangeeta’s Life

Sangeeta is balancing her postgraduation studies with her beautician work deftly. Born in 2000 to a small farmer in Semara village of Chandauli district, she was enrolled with the Manav Sewa Kendra Child Fund International project when she was five years old. The family was happy with her enrolment.

Like other young children associated with the project, Sangeeta began her journey to a better life by enrolment in balwadi centre (pre-school) run by the project in her village. She quickly learnt children’s songs, poems, stories, games, alphabet, numbers, etc. Her physical and mental development was facilitated by the project.

After a year Sangeeta was admitted to class 1 in the village primary school. Years passed and she moved from one class to another till she passed class VIII with good marks. Now she became interested in higher studies. All through these years, she showed leadership qualities in events like children’s club meetings, children’s fairs and children’s rallies. She quickly learnt importance of education and ill-effects of child marriage.

With motivation form MSK and sheer dedication to studies, Sangeeta passed class X and XII with good marks. She actively participated in the activities of adolescents’ group and youth club of the village.

During one of the awareness meetings, she got interested in getting vocational training and she opted for beautician training. She joined in the six-month training provided by the project. She started working part time and earns around Rs 3,000 a month. She is much in demand during the marriage season. She is now supporting her family financially.

Sangeeta passed BA with good marks, and at present she is studying in MA. She is an active member of adolescents’ group of her village. She is well aware of the importance of education and issues like anaemia, child marriage and family planning. She played an important role in creating awareness on protection from coronavirus in the village.